Monday, November 19, 2007

For A Better Customer Relationships

There are many strategies on how you can provide customer satisfaction and keep your customers coming back for more. This is the reason why in almost every department store and supermarket, you will find a customer relations counter that specifically caters to the needs and concerns of the customers. But have you even thought of building customer relationships that goes beyond just providing customers with quality products and an after service feature?

Well, in todays world, it is important to build these kinds of relationships because it will provide you with an edge that your competitors do not have. And you should also note that countless competitors can offer similar products or service that is currently in your product line. In fact, they can even provide cheaper prices for the same quality in some cases. In this case, having customer loyalty through building strong relationships with them is essential for you to survive. Here are some tips that will enable you to succeed in this endeavor:

1. Be there personally

Every one want to feel special and your customers are no different. So it is recommended for you to provide the personal touch that will let your customers know that you know about their needs and you care about their satisfaction. You can even let your customers feel the personal touch by answering your phone call personally and always being friendly on the phone even if youre already tired.

2. Exceed their expectations

You might have heard about this tip before and it is inevitable that you will hear it again because exceeding customer expectation is one of the best ways to build loyalty and establish good relationships with them. This can even be used as a promotional tool because customers who are satisfied are likely to tell their friends and family about your product or service.

3. Show emotion

This tip is somehow related to the first tip but each is unique in its approach. Showing emotions such as concern and understanding to your customers will enable them to feel that their opinion does matter to you. Of course, their opinion really does matter but showing them that it does will create the kind of relationship you seek.

4. Always say thanks

This tip may sound simple but it is powerful. Letting your customers know that they are greatly appreciated would mean a lot to them so be generous with your “thank you”. You might be surprised by the result.

The truth is though, these tips are the kinds of courtesies that you must show to everyone but when you apply it to the business setting, you can expect to reap a lot of rewards from this endeavor simply because your customers will feel that they are treated as humans and not just a part of your business.

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