Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Advantages Of Working From Home

We all have reasons why we would prefer to work from home. You could come up with at least a dozen reasons off the top of your head. But did you ever think of why your kids would love you working from home? Sometimes we over look our childrens feelings and insights into our life choices. Here we will take a childrens point of view and share the three top reasons why your sons and daughters would really love to see you work from home.

The number one reason children love their parents working from home is time with you. Even if you are in your home office typing away, your children are content just being in your presence. They feel a sense of security knowing that you are at home. You also have the ability to take a break for lunch or a breather and say hi to your child. Give them a hug or ruffle their hair. Taking just a minute to say I love you to them makes their little lives brighter. Makes every working moment worth it to both of you.

When you work from home your children have the relief of knowing exactly where you are. This can be ultra comforting to a child. If your child becomes ill or injured while at school, they know that they can call home and mom or dad can come pick them up. They know that even though mom or dad does have to work, their parent or parents can be at home to care for them. There are so many times that parents have to struggle to take off from work to care for their children. It causes stress for the employer, guilt for you as a parent and misunderstanding from a younger child. Working at home allows children to be more comfortable with your job employment.

Your children also love you working from home since there is a greater time for special school events and family time. By working at home you are often able to work your hours around so you are able to attend school events and functions. Such an example would be a birthday party or special parent lunch at school. These may seem like such small events to most adults but to children they are so much more. Being able to attend such events makes children feel as if everything that is important to them is important to you as well. This makes our children feel that much more special in there parents eyes.

These are just a few of the reasons your children are thankful that you work from home. If you ask them why they like you working from home you will hear these reasons and more. Mostly you will hear, because they love you. And thats the most important reason to every parent.

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