Sunday, September 23, 2007

Providing Quality Customer Service

The way you treat your customers will determine if your business is successful or not. If you ship orders late, cannot answer questions about your product, are rude or condescending or you can not update your website regularly, customers will tell their friends and others to avoid your business. But there are ways to make sure your customers are treated with respect without having to sacrifice profits or time.

One of the best ways to provide quality customer service is by creating a website that is easy to navigate. This means that all pages are in logical order, products have full descriptions and order pages are clearly marked. Including contact information is essential to the survival of your business because customers may have questions about their order, products or your website in general.

When customers send email, you should try to answer them within one business day. This will let them know that they are important. If you cannot personally answer the amount of email you are receiving each day and handle other business obligations, you should consider hiring a customer service representative who can take over these duties.

Another way to ensure quality customer service is to make sure that all items shipped are properly wrapped and protected. Items that are thrown into a box without much thought to their safety sends a bad message to customers. Maintaining repeat business is vital to the success of your business. Customers who are pleased with their experiences will purchase other items in the future.

You should always have enough packing and shipping supplies for each day that you send orders. When an order is placed, you should send an email giving the customer an estimate of when it will be shipped and include all shipping information so the customer can track their order. Customers who want to return orders should not be ignored. Make it clear to the customer what the return policy is on your website and on their invoice when they receive the item.

Be patient with customers who want to return an item. Ask them why they were not satisfied and what you can do to help the situation. Many times replacing the item is all the customer will need in order to continue using your website. Customers who are treated poorly will not usually return to make additional purchases.

If you are just starting your business, learning more about ways to help customers find what they are looking for, answering any questions they may have and helping them make returns or exchanges will allow you to develop a reputation for being a quality business from the beginning. If you are patient, considerate and responsive when a problem occurs, you will receive repeat business which will allow your business to continue to grow.

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