Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Improving Customer Service Relationship

Any time that you enter a restaurant and you are greeted by the hostess, when you are bombarded in a department store by an employee who ask if they can help you or the cashier at the grocery store, you are experiencing a tiny bit of customer service. Customer Service is something that we deal with on a daily basis. A bad customer service experience can result in the permanent loss of a customer or even customers. Bad customer service is not just a sales associate that ignores you but a rude cashier or someone who does not help you locate the items that you desire. When bad customer service is had, the customer will remember it despite the numerous times that they had great customer service within the same store.

Customer Service is the most important aspect of a business. Having a large number of potential customers means nothing if they are treated with insufficient customer service once they have entered your establishment. Service is not limited to just the sales associates or cashiers, it is the accountability of your registers, pricing machines or even the automated phone system that they reach when trying to call your business. Customers desire to be greeted immediately, helped with their decisions and checked out quickly. They want to feel that they are important as individuals, not just another customer buying an item.

Customer Service is not only about helping the customer have a good visit the first time but also a second visit that may not be quite as pleasant. In a world where most items are mass produced by machines, accidents can occur. Not all items may stand up to being the kind of quality products that we would like them to be. Your customer will not only have to deal with unhappy and unpleasant customers but even the occasionally irrate client whose purchase has broken or does not function as it should. Its a good thing to have an employee who can remain calm and help remedy the situation with success quickly.

In this situation, apologizing and letting the customer know that you are willing to do whatever you can to please them will instantly make them less upset and more comfortable.
Customer service is not just a reflection of the employee. The employee is viewed as a small sample of the company as a whole. One rude or unpleasant employee can ruin a customers visit, so maintaining employees who are properly trained and view the customer whoi has the highest priority, will cut down on the customers who have a less than quality experience.

Great customer service is not completely in house for the company. If a company gives back to the community, then other possible buyers will have a positive view of the business. This can be done by sponsoring sporting teams for youngsters, donating to local charities, or setting up grants for teens who want to go to college but could not afford it on a regular basis. This will show that the company wants to take care of the community and give back to the people that have made their company such a success.

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