Sunday, January 13, 2008

Profiting From Your Home Based Business

In the past, home based businesses seemed relegated to the scam section of the National Enquirer. Advertisements offering stay at home moms and unhappy workplace men a chance to make thousands a month stuffing envelopes or making little crafts. Of course, most of these opportunities were simply a chance to put your own ad in the same places and offer the same thing. Since at no point in the whole fiasco is an actual service or product rendered, these businesses rarely succeeded. But with the advent of the internet, there are some legitimate home based businesses and success within them is largely determined by your creativity and desire to work toward a goal. There are even many websites that offer you a head start in your home based business and we will look at two of them now.

The most prominent place for such a business is, of course, the internet auction giant, eBay. There are people on eBay that literally are making thousands of dollars a month. Are they the exception, rather than the rule? Of course but they are out there. And there are plenty of others who are making a decent amount of money. It may not be enough to quit their day jobs but enough to provide a nice supplement to their regular income. What success on eBay depends upon is research and finding a niche. These two components, which will tell you what product you can sell successfully on the site, as well as what the most powerful sales strategies are, will lead to at least a little extra money pouring in.

Another popular site that allows people to work from the comfort of their homes is Cafe Press. This website has a remarkably simple business model but it can be rather powerful in the right hands. Basically, with the help of a tool such as Adobe Photoshop, you create images or slogans and then sell t-shirts, caps, mugs and other paraphernalia with that design on the front. You supply the design, Cafe Press supplies the merchandise and the website hosting. You, in turn, get a commission on everything sold. The competition on Cafe Press is outrageous, so do not think you will be successful without a clear marketing strategy and some highly original designs.

Unless you have a terrific understanding of what goes into making an eBay account or a Cafe Press store hot, your best bet for true success will come from starting your own website. Original ideas and sound marketing is what creates wealth. It is highly unlikely you will be able to quit your day job through sales of t-shirts on Cafe Press but it is entirely possible that you could create your own internet empire with enough ingenuity and hard work. The internet has made working from home a wonderful opportunity but you have to want it. A lot of people think working from home is equivalent to not working at all. This is not the case. In many circumstances, you will have to work twice as hard for half the income you could make for someone else. But it is that determination, that fearlessness when it comes to failure and rejection that will eventually mean true success.

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