Monday, October 15, 2007

Six Tips On How To Be A Good Boss

Nearly everyone with a job has at least one story of a terrible boss. In fact bad bosses are very common in the business world. A bad boss can affect a business in both morale and money. In fact the main reason many leave their jobs is because of bad bosses. People are often promoted to management because of their proficiency rather than their management skills. If you are promoted to management or want to be prepared then consider the following six tips to become a good boss.

First you need to train yourself. There are many books on management you can read or you can buy a training program if you do not have the time to read. There are also many workshops and seminars you can enroll in to help prepare yourself to be a good boss. It is also a good idea to train your employees since you are telling them you value them when you invest time and money in them.

Communication is extremely important and you should make sure you do it regularly and speak clearly. When you tell employees exactly what you want them to do and say it clearly you will get better results. Employees will also perform well if you give them specific, sincere and timely feedback. Although, remember communication goes both ways so be sure you are willing to listen to your employees as well. This way your employees will open up to you and you may even get some wonderful ideas from your employees by listening to them.

Always remember all employees deserve respect. No matter how small the job you should always treat all employees with respect. Make sure you recognize your employees when they do good things. Often employees are only recognized after they do something wrong or make a mistake. When you publicly praise your employees they will be motivated to work hard for you. When employees receive regular recognition they will accomplish a lot more.

Never think money is the main motivator for all employees. Rather employees will often settle for public praise. A thank you every once in awhile is great motivation for employees. Perhaps the one thing that helps both management and employees is a coach staff. Everyone needs to be coached and nurtured. Recognize your employees for their strengths and reward them. But at the same time make sure you help employees improve their weaknesses so the whole business can benefit.

The best way to be a good boss is to focus your attention on your employees. Treat all your employees respectfully. Promote open and honest communication between management and employees. Always coach and inspire your employees to do their best. Not only will you be a good boss but you will increase your chances of being promoted and you will make your business a better place to work.
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