Saturday, October 13, 2007

Increse Refrrals With E-Mail Marketing

The backbone of any business is the repeat customer, yet what grows the business and helps it to expand is the new customer who walks in through the door for the very first time and is so impressed by the goods or services that a sale is inevitable. This is the customer who will become a repeat customer but who will also send many referrals your way, thus further permitting you to grow your company.

While it is easy to assume that some simple advertising will supply you with all of the new customers you could ever want, the truth of the matter simply dictates that certain types of advertising work better than others. Email marketing helps draw in new customers from areas that you would not have thought possible. Granted, this sounds odd and you might be hard pressed to follow this logic but if you really think about the implications of a good email advertising campaign you will note that it contains the most important component in todays competitive market that other advertising campaigns lack.

The sky is virtually the limit! For example, if you are dog groomer you will find that sending your loyal customers a weekly or monthly newsletter is a great way of staying in touch and also triggering their memory if it is Fluffys turn to come in for a trim.
Savvy business owners will hire a company to provide them with content for their newsletters to make them a hot commodity and a good company will seek to include articles that appeals to a wide variety of dog owners.

Thus, you might include an article on hunting dogs. Most avid hunters will not be signing up with a dog groomer for weekly or monthly emails but since many of them own hunting dogs, it will not be surprising to see such a newsletter which arrives via email in a loyal customers inbox forwarded to a hunting buddy. Impressed with the article on hunting dogs and thinking that Duke will benefit from a shampoo and a flea dip, you will have a new customer.

In this way, your email marketing geared at a current customer will help to draw in a new customer. Of course, how email marketing helps draw in new customers is also effectively seen in the ways that opt in email marketing lists will allow you to have your ad displayed with another companys ads. Thus, the other companys clientele which may be closely related to your own niche. Although it probably will not be in direct competition with you will also see your goods or services and may find them so beneficial that they will give your business a try and on that day a new customer for your company is made.


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