Thursday, August 31, 2017

All About Viddictive Software

Viddictive Software is the first completely automated suite for FB video advertising. It helps you to run the most advanced Facebook video ads in a few clicks. You choose from the high converting ad templates built for marketers with the ability to upload it directly to Facebook ads with simple easy steps. You will be able to create, build and run your campaigns on autopilot with the easiest way in less time than ever.

Facebook advertising requires a sound experience and could be hard especially for a newbie to start with and that is why the idea to develope Viddictive was conceived. It is perfect for online marketers, agencies, shopify store owners and online entrepreneurs. There is no better way to grab the attention from prospects than Video.

The idea of video ad creation platform existed before. The idea of a tool to simplify FB advertising also existed before. But the idea of putting them together didn't really exists. So these 2 ideas were combined to create a tool to run the most advanced Facebook video ads in a few clicks.

Viddictive is an all in one platform which create fast catchy video ads based on marketing principles. Set up a campaign that seamlessly integrates with the Facebook ads-manager and is automatically uploaded in your Ads manager.

Viddictive Software is the first and only video builder that is completely integrated with Facebook and Youtube. This means right inside the software you can upload your brand new videos to Youtube & Facebook instantly without ever having to log out or switching over to Facebook.

With Viddictive, you can create professional, highly engaging animated video Ads with the world’s first  Facebook integrated video promotion and video Ad creation engine on the planet. No matter what kind of business or website you have, Viddictive Software will help you increase traffic, conversions and profits.

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