Sunday, June 22, 2008

Starting A Courier Service Business

Many major companies offer next day mail and package delivery but for those businesses or individuals who have the occasional need for same day delivery may be out of luck. Depending on the community in which you live and the number of businesses, there may be a need for same day services that can allow you to being an overnight business. How far and at what times is same day service going to be feasible will be a determining factor and the type of items being delivered will depend on the availability of your transportation.

While most communications today are done through emails or file transfers, there are some items that just will not load onto a computer. Hard copies of documents, especially needed for many court proceedings, may have an urgency to get to their destination the same day they are created. If you can offer a service that is willing to pick up items and deliver them the same day, you may be able to begin a needed business in your community.

Typically, most businesses are geared towards the effectiveness of the delivery services they use. You can offer a delivery service for businesses when they need items and not when the other services can deliver. While thinking about transportation services opportunities consider the legal requirements needed to be met for offering rides for individuals.

Most may require a taxi license or a license from the public utilities commission to operate in your location. However, if someone needs a ride to take their pet to the veterinarians office, you may not need full licensing. Before offering any type of transportation or delivery business, always check with the state, county and local agencies to determine the need for any special licenses and permits.

One occasional use for your business could be someone who is stuck at home with a broken vehicle. The part is available at the auto parts store but the store can not deliver it until tomorrow and the poor car owners needs the part to fix their car today. They order the part online or over the phone and you run to the parts store, pick it up and deliver it to their home. You can also work with medical supply businesses to provide delivery services for certain supplies and equipment.

Many retailers offer some great discounts on appliances and furniture but lose sales because in order to keep costs down, they do not offer delivery. A customer may go to a competitor and spend many more dollars on the same item simply because they have no way to get it home. Opening a delivery business that picks up merchandise at retailers and delivers it to the customers homes can be a rewarding opportunity. Visiting with the store owner or management and letting them know that your licensed and insured can open many doors for a new delivery service.

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