Sunday, March 30, 2008

Descrimination In Business: The Realities

For several years now, United States law has prohibited businesses from assessing or placing judgment upon employment prospects due to gender, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, political affiliation or even handicap in certain settings and situations. Because of this, those in the working world or those attempting to enter it, feel safe and assured that they will always be treated honestly, respectfully and fairly. If one does not get a job, the reasons must always be cogent and pertinent to the job and its particular set of qualifications. Thats not always the way it is. Believe it or not, descrimination still lives and thrives in businesses all over and in many cases, those who behave descriminatory can and do get away with it.

This is because specifics unrelated to the job or its qualifications actually do make a difference to many employers and business people. For example, entrepreneurs with a sexist bent are liable to hire, promote and encourage those of their own gender or white supremist business owners are likely to pass over African American professionals with impressive backgrounds for white prospects with little or no experience and spot records and many Christian human resource executives tend to cast away atheist co-workers, regardless of performance, experience or attitude.

Its all about preferences, likes and subcultures, the we versus them mentality still drives behavior in many different types of business environments. The trick that keeps them from getting into any legal trouble is the fact that behavior and practices toward the underdogs are ambiguous if at all questionable and excuses are always devised to justify actions. Those against whom are descriminated are able to sue or press charges, but this is generally difficult because the power of evidence falls on them and is usually impossible to produce.

Another type of discrimination that is, unfortunately all too well common is sexual harrassment, especially in the case of male-toward-female. This is a self-explanatory but is amost always a legal mind field. When one gender makes unsolicited sexual advances toward someone of the opposite gender and then rests that persons job on the responses, discrimination takes place in a dort of oppsite dynamic. What is meant by this is that a favor is given to a particular worker based on gender and appearance. For instance, a woman with a shapely body and large breasts is hired because of her gender and physical endowment instead of her qualification.

This is why Affirmative Action is criticized by many people. The program ensured favoritism and success to minorities on the basis that they are minorities. No matter which way recognition and consideration lean, if treatmewnt is not based on a persons qualifications, the case is descriminatory. Regardless of how hard the legal system cracks down on descrimination existing in the workplace, unfair treatment and policy will not completely overcome—human interest and the power of money will never allow it.

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