Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Avoiding Advertising Mistakes

There is an old axiom in the advertising market that says the best advertisement ids the one that offends no one. The quotes originator has been lost to history and perhaps the quote itself should suffer the same fate. Too many people write and create their ads with just that purpose in mind. Unfortunately, the end result is a vanilla, unclear advertisement that does nothing to bring the first person into their business.

It may not offend anyone, but does it entice anyone? Perhaps not. When seeking advertisement for your business, toss the offending rule out the window, and focus on avoiding the very mistakes that many businesses make when trying to draw customers to their company. One of the biggest mistakes companies make when they create an advertisement is to copy what everyone else is doing.

This forces a homogeneous, boring advertisement that will do nothing to bring in new business. Yes, the advertisements may sound professional but that should only be a concern if you are in the business of impressing your friends. Hopefully, thats not the case. If your businesses is to draw new customers with your ads, you need to remember the ads that have stuck in your mind from years past.

Were they the ones that seemed to hit all the right notes and sounded professional and smooth? Or were they the ones that went outside the box and surprised you with something you did not expect? Chances are, it was the latter ones. Go and do likewise. Do not create an advertisement that promises unclear results. Giving empty promises like guarantees, mean nothing unless you take the time in the ad to explain exactly what you mean by that guarantee.

Using your ad to tell people you use patented means nothing unless you explain to the viewer why that should be important to them. You only have a limited window of opportunity to make the most of your advertising dollar. Do not waste it with information that does not connect to the customer in any meaningful way. With advertisements, its important to be creative, but do not be so creative that you forget to sell your product. Entertainment is fine but if that entertainment does nothing to persuade anyone to buy from you, then you might as well go make movies.

A good way to find out what not to do when it comes to advertising is to watch a couple of hours of MTV if you can stand it. Their station advertisements are very creative and they do say MTV at the end, but otherwise they have nothing to do with anything. Unless the objective is simply to persuade viewers to watch the channel in the hopes of seeing more strange advertising, the ads are worthless.

Advertising is a tricky business but with time, research, and creativity, you can create ads that will inspire customers to visit your company. Remember, even an advertisement that people hate will likely not turn them away from your business. In fact, ads that stick in viewers craws can sometimes be the most effective of all. Some might say, I am not going to shop there just because I hate their ads so much but few will follow through on that vow. Create ads with this in mind and ignore the old outdated advice.

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