Monday, February 04, 2008

Guides To Managing Your Business

Perhaps no single role in the entrepreneurial world has changed as much as that of the midlevel manager. It was perhaps garnered as much from poor ownership and Dilbert comic strips than any real hard data examining the cause. The reputation was born, however and it has changed the role of middle management from that of a purely supervisor capacity to one of increased workload in those that they are managing.

This has not only increased productivity and given these managers the seal of approval from their employees, it has expanded the role of these managers to the point where they are likely to prosper for many years to come. This trend is being seen in all avenues of business, as the midlevel manager takes back their role of prominence.

Its easy to see why many small and large businessmen wanted to steer away from middle management. When a persons sole activity in the company is printing out reports, reading spreadsheets and sending out redundant memos, one starts to wonder what else could be done with that high five figure salary each year. Its with that in mind that the role of middle managers has begun to evolve.

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs insist they would be lost without their middle managers. These managers not only perform the supervisor duties of yesteryears but they also contribute to the actual workforce. No longer are these owners content to allow their managers to exist in purely overseeing roles. After all, overseeing the business is what the owner is there for. These middle managers now fill the role of a leader in practice, not just in name.

With the importance of these managers seen now as never before, it is equally important for business owners to get the most out of their managers. This can be done by recognizing the managers performance and meeting with them at regular intervals. Email and telephone calls can suffice for day to day operations but there needs to be face to face meetings on a constant basis for the owner to get a good feel of what is happening down in the trenches.

Especially in larger, midlevel managers can start to feel distant and aloof if not collaborated with on a regular basis. This can lead to apathy or even hostility, two things the wise businessman will do everything possible to prevent invading his workplace. With the right temperament, a positive promote-from-within strategy and a willingness to listen to suggestions from his managers, the entrepreneur can make the most of his middle managers and never need to think about what else he would do with their salaries.

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