Friday, October 05, 2007

Building A Business Online

Once upon a time all someone had to do to be successful online was to build a website and get it listed on a search engine. However, so many people are starting online businesses that the traditional way of advertising is often not the best way to really get your name out there. Luckily the advertising companies are working hard to keep up with the rush of online businesses so there are still plenty of things an aspiring Internet businessperson can do to build their business online.

Join Directories:

In order to successfully build your online business, you need to advertise your online business. Advertising online, as in the real world, is all about networking. For this reason it is a good idea to join directories that will get your websites link out there and in front of peoples faces. Some websites offer lists of directories that are looking to add your link. Join a few directories that relate to your business and will target the same market you want targeted. Take some time and research the lists you join. You do not want your link associated with a lousy, inappropriate or ineffective web directory.

Cross Link with Sites Offering Related Products:

Closely related to the directory link method, cross linking is another creative and efficient way of building your business online. Research web pages that offer products that relate or would go well with your product and then set up an exchange of links. The other website owner will probably be thrilled to cross link with you provided you have a quality product and a professional looking site, since it will lead visitors to their online business too. Try to get a banner link or other attractive, but not garish, advertisement if the website owner will allow it.

Offer A Free Product To Capture Email Addresses:

Everyone is sick of the blaring pop ups that offer a cheesy free gift of questionable value in order to get contact information. While this is definitely the wrong road to travel, a free giveaway can be an excellent way to build your business and locate loyal customers. By following the rules and making your offer both valuable and appealing, the contact information you capture is more likely to result in a sale. Avoid pop ups since people hate them and most have security features that block them anyway.

Instead frame your offer along the side of your site and rely on the value of your gift to attract attention. Offer something of real value too. An out of date e book just will not cut it. A multi step email series offering advice or information on how to do something related to your product is best.

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