Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Earn Extra Income At Home

There are many ways in which you can earn extra income at home and your level of skills, experience and desire will be the determining factors. While some offers for working from home jobs may not be legitimate, there are many that can actually help you pick up an extra monthly income. Typically, when you see ads for home assembly work or secret shoppers, the company sponsoring those ads is looking to sell a list of companies that use those services..

Unfortunately, the lists being sold may have been updated a year or more in the past and do not represent the companies current needs. Additionally, companies who do hire secret shoppers do not make you pay to get the work. They can be found online and will not charge you for training or other materials. A company wanting money up front in order for you to work for them is best left ignored.

Similar to secret shopper services, some companies are offering another work at home scam in the line of check cashing, as a means of checking out the services of a specific bank. You may receive a cashiers check or money order with instructions to cash it and immediately send a money gram to a third party, minus your payment which could be as much as two or three hundred dollars. Typically, there is a strict deadline of two, maybe three days to complete the assignment or risk never working for them again.

With the lure of a quick few hundred dollars for a few minutes at the bank you take the challenge. It will be a week or two before your bank notifies you that the cashiers check was no good and you are on the hook for the entire balance, including the cash you kept for your services. Always look closely at promises to make a quick buck as most are ways for someone else to make a quick buck off of you.
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Another job opportunity promising exciting profits is email processing. The company will teach you how to process emails and you can earn up to $1 per email. They never explain exactly how to process and email and usually it translates into spamming. There are no legitimate businesses that are willing to pay $1 per spammed email. Chances are the only processing will be you in court for sending out spam.

Another at home opportunity is medical billing and the job ad claims there are crisis among the medical professionals in being able to process their bills to their patients. Most doctors, clinics and hospitals have their own billing departments and those who do not are using one of several large companies already in existence. Chances are good they are not going to hire a one person business that just opened with software that most likely will not match what they use currently. The company is selling outdated software and a dream. USA, LLC

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