Saturday, April 07, 2007

Affiliate Marketing Program

Having a successful affiliate marking program for your company requires more than offering up your site as a link destination. It requires constant updating of your links, listening to those sites affiliated with your company and being open to feedback from other sites on how to improve the appearance and functionality of your links. Depending on the type of product or service you provide, you can choose the types of sites to allow to link to you.

You can also control the types of links that you allow, which can be important to protecting your branded appearance. By developing your own graphic links, you can control the color being used and the graphic based text that appears on other sites. While you may control the color and content of provided links, many websites will want some control over the sizes you make available.

Whether it is a small 88x30 button, a text link or a half page banner, the affiliate should be able to place your link on their page so that it fits into their marketing efforts. They are helping you as well by placing your ad on their site and being able to maintain their own branding and appearance is important to them as well. If they are unable to find a banner ad or text ad that fits into their page view, they will most likely not place the ad.

An affiliate marketing works to the benefit of both parties as the company receives additional exposure and sales while the affiliating site receives commissions on sales or referrals, however it is agreed. Affiliates also rely on the companies with which they offer their promotion to provide the customer service their visitors expect along with a secure shopping experience.

Companies that cannot provide this will eventually be dropped by their affiliates and also have the potential to being dropped by any third party affiliate marketing provider. Failure to pay earned commissions to your affiliates is another way to sully your reputation and affiliates do communicate through forums and online discussions. Once you have earned a reputation among affiliate sites of not paying for the referrals, it will take a long time to recover.

While many may not believe it is a big deal, most understand the importance that affiliate marketing plays in their future. Some of the larger sites on the internet use affiliate marketing and credit affiliates with up to 40 or even 50 percent of theirsales. Additionally, having quality websites linking to your website can have a positive impact on your ranking on search engines. This is especially true if the affiliate’s site offers quality text information in line with the type of information available on your site..
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