Sunday, March 25, 2007

Internet Business Ideas

Those looking to start an internet business are constantly looking for ideas they hope can be the next big idea. Without regard to start up costs and the ability that there are numerous ideas for businesses that can offer success online. The majority of successful businesses are those that can fill a special need and those that can create a strong presence. One such idea would involve helping local musicians get their feet in the musical door.

A website dedicated to new individuals or groups could offer a biography on musicians along with short clips of their music. It would work like an online audition to help musician get booked for jobs on a regional or local basis. A person could search by genre for a live band, listen to clips of their music, or perhaps music videos, and then book the band for their upcoming event. This type of business could be expanded into major parts of the country with a different site based on geographic location.

It could also encompass many different styles of music and offer an online schedule to show when the bands have open dates as well as where they are playing in case someone wanted to see them live before making a decision on hiring them. Payments for the website could be based on an entry type fee for the band, a percentage of the cost of the booking or later, through advertising revenue. When creating this type of website you could also consider affiliate marketing, choosing online businesses related to music.

Sites that sell music or videos as well as musical instruments and other equipment related to the music industry. Another option could be an online flea market, allowing other people to post their pre priced merchandise. You could have sections dedicated to new and used merchandise and allow posts to advertise their items. Similar to online auctions, without the bidding, you could charge a fee for listing the items, based on the price or a flat fee for all classified listings.

Another internet business idea could work on a local basis in bringing together repair people with those needing work done around their home or business. Those involved in handy work can list their services online, by location and those in need of services can have a place to go to find someone to effect repairs around the house. It could even list appliance repairs and if a person is registered with manufacturers, they may even be able to offer warranty service.

This type of business could list such services as lawn care, driveway sealing and many other services people may find useful. Perhaps you need help setting up a new above ground swimming pool, a listing on an internet set may be helpful in finding someone with the time and experience to help..

Business Intelligence (BI) Add-Ins

SparkMaker is a business intelligence (BI) add-in provided by the German BI-specialist Bissantz & Company for Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. SparkMaker generates sparklines (mini-graphs directly located within single Excel cells which is called ¡§in-cell charting¡¨). The revolutionary concept of sparklines condenses a lot of information into a very small graph (e.g. lines, bars, pies). This concept, invented by Edward Tufte, is ideal for all kinds of reports, analyses and dashboards which users create with Excel (or in Word or PowerPoint). An innovative font-based technology for creating these mini-graphs has been invented by Bissantz in 2005.
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