Friday, February 23, 2007

The Benefits Of A Family Home Business

In todays world of two income families, rising divorce rates and out of control children, many families are stopping to consider what went wrong and what can be done to turn things around. The decline of Americas family cohesion may be greatly due to the overwhelming amount of time constraints placed on parents. Both parents are now expected to work full time jobs while being excellent parents, keeping up the household responsibilities and trying to squeeze in a social life.

Time is divided between soccer games, PTA meetings, homework, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, errands, visiting friends, hobbies, home repair, vehicle maintenance, volunteer work, reading, after hours meetings with clients, going to the gym, doctors appointments, retirement and college fund planning, quality time with the kids, conversation with your spouse, sex and getting your hair done! No wonder we are exhausted before ever getting out of bed!

Many families are looking at working from home to relieve some of the stress of the demands of life while still bringing in some extra income. Home businesses allow you to set your own schedule and work at your own pace while considering your responsibilities in all aspects of your life. No more explaining to the boss why you simply cannot work over tuesday night or you will miss your sons first public performance as a tree, while trying not to sound like a pansy wimp of a human being.

Working from home can allow you to juggle your priorities according to your value system. Business priorities benefit the family and the family can now benefit from the business. Children can help with household tasks, stamping envelopes and provide comic relief from stressful hours of business challenges.

Involving the family in your business can provide a sense of belonging and togetherness. Comradery can carry the day when the work is overwhelming and every one pitches in to help. Children can learn important life lessons by being involved in the family business. They learn not only by instruction but form actually observing you at work when you work from home. Work ethics, honesty, integrity and dependability all can be taught without ever speaking a word of advice.

On those days when work spills over into overtime, you normally do not have time to spend with your family. Now, it can be comforting to know that they are only a few steps away while you are stuck at your desk or on the phone. Getting an unexpected glass of tea and a peanut buttery kiss from a little one can you give the encouragement you need to get through that last hour of work. A home based business is an excellent way to integrate work demands with family priorites.. Click Here...

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