Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Work At Home Horrors
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The Legislators and law enforcement officials in the various U.S. states and the federal government as well have seriously cracked down on work at home schemes in the last year.

Work at home schemes represent a substantial loss of money for U.S. residents. While the numbers of all losses from work at home schemes have yet to be tabulated, those that resulted in action by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) were valued at consumer losses of over $100 million. In California alone, one of the states hardest hit by these schemers are consumers and would be home business owners, lost over $250,000 due to this type of fraud.

The attorney general for the state of California announced last February that the state and the federal government were working hand in hand to crackdown on these work at home schemers. They carried out over 200 successful apprehensions and closed down all of the work from home schemes that defrauded many thousands of Californians and others across the country.

The law enforcement sweep was entitled Project Biz Opp Flop and coordinated the efforts of police officials in 13 different states as well as federal agencies. The FTC, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service all helped with apprehension and enforcement. Charges included both civil and criminal violations of consumer protection and fraud laws. Charges were brought against work from home schemers in 24 states in the United States and in Canada as well. Most were apprehended in Florida, Arizona and California.

The primary work at home schemes that Project Biz Opp Flop shut down where fraudulent business opportunity scams involving sale of vending machines that sold prepaid debit cards and phone cards. Those found guilty were forced to make restitution to the defrauded victims and were required to pay stiff civil penalties as well. Violations by four of these business opportunity schemes were referred to DOJ because of criminal franchise practices.

In California, for instance, those who sell franchises must register with the state Department of Corporations. Anyone selling other types of business opportunities must file with the state office of the Attorney General. These work at home scheme perpetrators were not complying.

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