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The Network Marketing Opportunity
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Are you tired of the daily grind? Working 9-5 day in and day out got you down? Well, you might want to consider looking into a network marketing opportunity. A Network Marketing opportunity offers the chance for you to own your own business and share that knowledge with others in order to receive more commissions. Most network marketing companies have a product to sell.

As an Independent Marketer or agent, you have the opportunity to sell the product for a commission on retail sales. Sometimes companies offer a flat rate of commission. For example if a company offers to pay you 30% commissions on retail sales and you sold $200.00, then you would receive a commission of $60.00. Now while this is common in most companies, a lot of network marketing companies will offer you a percentage on sales for a base amount of sales. For instance, if you sell $200 you get 30% and if you sell $400 you get 35% and $500 you get 40% and so forth and so on. They use this technique as an incentive for their sales representatives to make a greater amount of sales.

The representative that sells the most retail sales gets the most commissions. This is an awesome opportunity for those who are self motivated and do not mind setting goals and achieving those goals. Another way for you to make money with a network marketing is through recruitment and sharing the knowledge with another potential sales representative. This is called recruiting or sharing the opportunity you have with other people. You are offering them the same opportunity to be their own boss and work the business the same way you have been like sharing successes. When this person signs up for the opportunity, they become your personal recruit.

This allows you the opportunity to earn commissions off what someone else sells. Usually this range falls around the 4-7% of retail sales range. Network marketing does not just stop there, if you go on to recruit several people, they fall under you and you would be earning a certain percentage for all of the people under you. The more you recruit, the more you earn and all of this is on top of your personal sales commission.

For some people network marketing is a dream come true and to others it is a complete disaster. What network marketing is to you is what you make it. If you sign up to become a sales person and do not try and sell anything then you will not make any money. If you do not want to recruit then the opportunity for leadership diminishes as well. If you work and set goals and benchmarks, then you will most likely have a better outcome and a more positive experience with network marketing. As always, please check the reputation of a company before signing up. There are many reputable companies out there. Look for longevity and others who have been successful with their marketing plan. Good luck and enjoy your new business.

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