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Work From Home Business Ideas
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In starting a home based business on a limited budget, you will find that there are things you will need for advertising and marketing and one of those items is stationary. How do you solve the challenge of placing an address on the stationary without exposing where your home is? Normally when people see a post office box, they do not think of very reputable companies. Is it safe to place your home address on the stationary?

Most individuals who have started a home-based business do not have much concern over placing their home address on the stationary. There really is nothing to worry about and most people will be a bit jealous that you are able to do this rather than thinking they want to come over to your home and harass you. Look at what your motivation is in wanting to withhold your address. Is it to discourage unwanted visitors at your doorstep? If this is the case, be selective as to where you place your home address. Use a post office box for advertising and materials that you use for marketing. Use your home address with the post office box on other items. Decide what you are trying to accomplish with advertising your address. If you receive shipments at home then you need to have a physical address listed.

The purpose of using stationery is to communicate that you have a solid business and are here for the long term. This is reflected in the type of paper you use to the color you choose for your stationery. Always invest in this aspect of your business. Your stationery reflects, remember that as you are deciding on low-quality paper or a higher quality paper. Your investment in how you look to others will come back to you. Make sure you have matching envelopes. You do not want this great looking stationery in envelopes that you bought at your corner market. Your type face should not be too small or too large. If your type face is too small, it signals that you are not quite sure about yourself and your business. If your type face is too large, it may come off being to overpowering and people will turn away.

Think of your stationery the same way you would if you were preparing for a job interview. When you are preparing to interview you pick out a color that reflects power and courage but not overstated. You make sure your appearance shows that you are confident and capable of performing the job description. This same principle applies to the stationery you use for your business. Often times this is the first thing a client or customer will see about your business. What do you want it to say about your products?

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