Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Weekend Internet Entrepreneur..
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So you have your ho hum run of the mill everyday job, you deal with bosses, co-workers and the general daily rutine that can easily get to the point of near insanity. This is where the part time or weekend Internet entrepreneur comes into play. This is where you will become your own boss and the only rules that apply entail making as much money and getting as much exposure as possible.

The people that run headfirst into an online marketing business with wild expectations are surely headed for a very rude awakening. It is an unrealistic and often unfounded mindset that many people fall into. The idea of not having to do any work on the business once the web site is set up is purely preposterous. There is however a difference between being naive and being a full-blown idiot. Any one that believes the money will just roll in while they do nothing to improve their site or any work at all for that matter is naïve. The person that just doesn’t want to work at all on this endeavor or otherwise and expects money to just fall into their laps, is indeed the full-blown idiot.

Would it not be nice to have a plethora of customers that are completely obsessed with what it is you have to offer? Clearly the way to go is to create and control markets rather than chase after them and hope to sell what it is you need to get rid of. There is no easier medium to peddle your goods to the public than the Internet and it’s web based marketing services. When someone looks on their browser to find a solution or a place to get what it is they need it is your site you want them to go to. The good marketers will want to have the solutions and the product for every need anyone could ever have. Now this is clearly not realistic, however the idea of it does have its merits. What I am getting at this is simple, what people want is what you should want to sell.

Sometimes the dice do not roll your way, this is a proven fact all through life's endeavors and the ones that want to make it and be successful do not just roll over and give up. Not everything goes as planned in business, yet there are ways to make it. Many do after facing major problems. You just have to train yourself to believe you will too. The object of this training is for you to become more than just a dreamer, rather a producer of what it is you see and want for yourself. This is not unrealistic nor is it unreasonable to ask. You know you have, as much right as the next bloke to succeed, the difference is all boiling down to wanting it and merely dreaming of it. This is truly a skill that most have to learn, some have a gift for it but the ones that need schooling can relax knowing it is not an impossible task. What exactly you may ask entails staying power? Well it is a healthy mixture of dedication, consistency, persistence and perseverance.

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