Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tips To Avoiding Work At Home Business Schemes
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You want to be careful when you work from home to not end up being scammed. There are six tips to recognize any scam. One needs to run through this checklist every time they consider an endevor. These are things you will want to avoid.

1. Any deal you do not completely understand. The big print might make absolute sense or get your attention. It is the fine print that will be the determining factor though. If you actually read the fine print you might be losing more than gaining. The more important the deal, the more important it is for you to read and understand the terms. Ask multiple questions and get legal help if need be.
2. Any deal requiring multitudes of money up front. Don’t spend all at once. Make sure you will get what you pay for. You want to be sure that the golden egg in that basket is real before the scammer has your cash.

3. Any deal you are asked to do in a hurry or under the pressure of time. Time should not be important when making a business deal. Both parties will want to be sure they know exactly what they are getting into. If someone is trying to rush you into making up your mind, it is because they don’t want to give you time to realize it is a scam.
4. Any deals with people or companies you have never heard of or know. The best reference is that if you have no clue whom you are dealing with, you should find out. Let people know that you will be checking out their business and background. This will keep them from being able to lie to you. Make sure you follow through and find out all you can.

5. Any deal that you are being manipulated or schmoozed into. If some one is trying to bully you, charm you to death, or anything else. Make sure to tell them you know what they are doing and walk away.
6. Any deal set up to look like a pyramid scheme. These scams are made to look like legitimate MLM and network marketing business but are illegal. The first people in the plan get paid with money taken from the new people. These companies have you spend thousands of dollars up front and claim you will be raking in the money in weeks.

The most important thing to remember is that if it is too good to be true, then that is what it is, untrue. There is not a single person on this mother earth that does not want to get rich quick. Some people do get rich quick, but not many. People who have more money than they know what to do with earned it over time with hard work. Or someone who worked for it willed it to them. Finally, be very careful when searching for work from home business opportunities and be sure to make use of these tips.

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