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The Most Popular Article Submission Site On The Net
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With so many features, it's easy to understand why

Submit unlimited articles.
Easy interface makes submitting articles quick and painless.
Free, professional article review ensures the widest possible distribution.
Auto-Pilot feature lets you put in several articles and have them submitted on a schedule you determine.
Constant and Never Ending Submission policy continues to submit your articles to new sites all the time.
Googlicious Submission pattern builds links to your site over time, providing a long-term growth pattern used by Google to determine page rank.

Thousands of authors have submitted tens of thousands of articles to hundreds of sites - over 1.8 Million article submissions have passed through the Article Marketer servers. They've got the process down to a science.

Googlicious Submission Pattern
The Article Marketer Googlicious Submission Pattern builds links to your site over time, providing a long-term growth pattern used by Google to determine page rank.

It's built into the way articles are distributed - ensuring that your articles deliver the best possible result. You'll start out with links at many sites, building in a predictable pattern over several weeks.

Then it kicks into overdrive, providing the Googlebot spiders with one of the things it likes most: New links appearing at relevant sites over time. Your article is constantly submitted to new sites, being exposed to new audiences, reaching new eyes.

Everything about Article Marketer is tuned to deliver the best possible results from the search engines, increasing your page rank, improving your SERP placement.

Total Automation - Total Control
Would you like to automate your business? Would you like more control over your article marketing campaigns? Put your article marketing campaign on Auto-Pilot. Have your articles submitted even while you're at the beach!

The Auto-Pilot feature offered by Article Marketer is unique in the article submission industry. No software and no other distribution service offers you this level of control over your marketing program.

When you submit your article, you decide the distribution schedule. The article can either be submitted immediately, or you can set a future date for your article to go out.

That's a tremendous feature because it allows you to enter several articles at once, set the distribution schedule over several days (or weeks) and not have to worry about your articles anymore. Imagine having next month's articles already queued for distribution. You're free to focus your attention on other parts of your business.

With manual submission software like Article Announcer, you must do the distribution work on the day you want your article to go out. You're chained to your desk - unable to do anything else.

However, using the Article Marketer Auto-Pilot feature, your articles will be distributed starting the date you select, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Important business meeting? No problem, your articles are being submitted. Family vacation? That's ok, the Article Marketer distribution servers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your article will be submitted whenever you want.

Not only do you control the Start Date for your articles, you can also establish a Stop Date. If you write an article about the shopping patterns during the Christmas season of 2005, you probably don't want that article to be submitted once the Christmas season is over.

Under the Article Marketer Constant and Never Ending Submission policy, your articles are always in circulation, being submitted to new sites, directories and newsletters joining the Article Marketer Community.

Create a Stop Date for your article of December 25, 2005 and your Christmas Shopping Patterns article will be retired for you - with no additional effort on your part. This improves your reputation in the marketplace, as your articles are always topical and relevant.

Using both the start and stop dates, you have complete control over the specific distribution window for your articles.

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