Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ideas On Web Site Promotion..
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Ideas On Web Site Promotion..

What do you do when you have a brand new shiny web site and no way of promoting it? Well for starters you could hold an online press conference. This is actually a very simple process. You will either hire a professional to write out a web press release and have it reviewed by an editor or you can be bold and take you chances by writing it yourself. When you decide to do it yourself, you take a great risk of being either humiliated, or shut down entirely.

There are other ways of promoting your new web site however, you could always go the route of affiliation. This is a good method of not only promoting your new site but an easy fashion of making some quick money as well. How this works is you sign up for an affiliation to a site, generally you will want to find a site that has some relevance to the site you are trying to promote. When ever someone goes to the site you are affiliated with and they link on to your site by pay per click method it takes them to your site and right into the thick of your content. This is the unfortunate part, whenever someone clicks onto your site from your affiliate you end up paying the affiliate for the transfer of sites. Although this could easily be a very small fee to the affiliate. The point to remember is if they come and you pay the affiliate, there is no guarantee that they will buy from you.

This could easily become a very costly endeavor if you are getting many tire kickers and no buyers. This is where you will be paying for people to view but not pay. As you know this is no way to conduct a business. Sometime people go to the extent of hiring a service such as web1000traffic. This service states that they can increase traffic to your site, or generate hits if you will buy. The problem with this theory however, is that you cannot guarantee anything. You can never be sure that they will ever generate genuine traffic let alone sales. This is in no way to impede the program that they offer. It is just that absolutely no organization or single person alike can truly guarantee that they can generate traffic for you to the point that you will see successful results on your site.

Which leads back to the first mentioned thought, is it not worth the time, money and effort to ensure that you are getting the best exposure for your site? Don’t waste your money, time and sanity wondering whether or not you will receive this exposure to your site. Do some research on search engines, attend seminars if you can and read ebooks on effective website promotion/internet marketing . Dont rely on these sites that promise you guaranteed website traffic to any site of your's in 30 days or in less than 24hrs. Almost 75% of them generates poor quality traffic. Dont be fooled. Like i said, do some reasech and i bet you will find a good source for your website promotion and marketing. Go get it yourself. You can do it.

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