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The Home Based MLM Businesses And How They Differ..
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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is the term that was used several years back for what we today call Network Marketing. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) operates through the sales of a product
that a consumer is interested in on a person-to-person basis and is not sold through
a store or other form of dealership. An independent sales representative (they may have many
different titles) will contact individuals and speak to them personally to see if they
would be interested in their product or services. The way that Multi-Level Marketing
representatives make commissions is through the selling of the product as well a residual
that comes from the persons that they have recruited into the Multi-Level Marketing
business and the products that they have sold.
The difference between Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and direct sales is that direct sales

representatives make money through the re-selling of the products that are available
through the company. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) representatives also make money through
their sales but also as those they have enrolled into the program sell products,
they too make a profit as well. The residual continues to go up the chain of those who are involved in the Multi-Level marketing Plan.
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) differs from Affiliate Marketing in that those involved in.

Affiliate Marketing focus on one transaction at a time making more money with each
transaction they process. The reason for this is that the product that an Affiliate
Marketing company offers is usually something that the client only needs one time such as
electronic equipment or household appliances. The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) offers
a variety of products that can be sold repeatedly to the consumer.

The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) representative makes their money through the
customer coming back to purchase more of their products this is called residual income. This
type of income is earned every month from the sales that are taking place in your Multi-Level
Marketing (MLM) business. Now what makes this interesting is that you will receive a
check for all the sales that take place whether-or-not you are doing the selling.
You could be on a vacation and still receive a check for the residual of sales that takes place
among those you have brought into the business. This is a huge draw to those looking for home-based business opportunity.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) offers the average person an opportunity to make a substantial
amount of money that will change their future while at the same time allowing them the
freedom to enjoy a life that they have only dreamt about before. Remember to look at all
home-based business opportunities carefully so that you will choose the one that is
right for you and your personality as well as financial success.

Good Luck..

Obinna Heche: Los Angeles, California

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